What are your non negotiable's?

What has to be there for you to be interested? What are your rules?
I have a three strike policy on two rules: don't stand me up and don't joke about suicide, break either of those three times and you're out. I'm still trying to define my non negotiable's so I figured I'd ask GAG for ideas to chew on.


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  • -Self Sustaining
    -Emotionally mature and deliberate in resolving conflicts and expressing feelings
    -Sexually interested
    -Strong Willed
    -Healthy, lightweight enough that I can carry her from a building, strong enough that she can carry me, fast enough to keep up
    -Good at building
    -Not an angry person


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  • I don't like smokers
    I don't like obnoxious tattoos. Preferably the girl should have none because her body is already a work of art. But if she has to have something, it should be small and easy to conceal. No chest tattoos.
    I don't like games either.

  • I must be physically and emotionally attracted to the woman.

  • I don't know how long I'd last by your rules. haha

    She can't have been promiscuous.
    That's the only thing I can think of at the moment that is completely non negotiable.

    • Haha, do you have a tendency to forget or something?

  • No tattoos
    No piercings
    No feminism
    No slutty outfits in public

    • What about ear piercings?
      And slurry outfits in private are ok then?

    • *slutty.

    • I don't mind traditional, modest ear piercings. No gauges or multiple upper ear piercings or any newfangled crap like that though. And only in private if their husband approves.

  • Don't try to give me ultimatums. That's how you get dumped.
    Don't be crazy. This includes self-harm, neurotic paranoia and pathological lying.

    That's it. I don't think they are unreasonable either.

  • If she has kids that's a no go for me.


What Girls Said 5

  • Okay, my non negotiables - goes both for friends, and partners.
    No racism or homophobia.
    No counting phycological illnesses, as a sign of weakness or attention craving.
    If you are a guy, no violence against me.
    Absolutely no violence against animals, or children, no matter your gender.
    No letting me down to often.
    Don't be a little bitch, it annoys the fuck out of me.
    For a boyfriend only; No weak mind, no being too fussy, and NO religion!
    Oh and for everyone: If you need me act like some Dr, Phill every damn time you get drunk, then hell fucking no. Of course I'll still be your friend, no doubt about that. We are just not getting drunk together, ever. It's not negotiable.

  • Deal Breakers:

    If he has children or wants them in the future

    He cannot be religious or conservative

    He needs to be 100% single. No side hoes, FWB, or "it's complicated" type situations

    We can't be co workers

    If he's unmotivated then he can fuck off

  • -Needs killer sense of humour
    -non smoker
    -not on phone when out with me (that freaking bugs me)

    • I'm with you about the phone thing. I have a friend who dated a girl who insisted that HE not be on the phone or texting when they were together, yet SHE was CONSTANTLY on the phone texting away. It didn't last long.

    • Er its so annoying right
      i don't get why people do it, its rude and disrepectful. If i took the time to go with someone they could at least have their phones in their pockets and leave it on silent or on vibrate... You know 😒

  • 1. i dont date guys who are attached
    2. i dont flirt with people when i am attached

  • - guys who support abortion. their faces will become monsters to my eyes.
    - guys who hate kids.

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