What to do now? Mixed signals from girl went out with few times?

So i went out on a couple of dates with a girl i met, she was even the one who asked me out :) They all went great and she even kissed me on the last time we went out. During this time she seemed to reach out to me by text and we would text back and forth briefly, nothing overboard. Now mind you, I see this girl almost on a daily basis since we frequent the same store and since going out she always seems happy to see me, we talk briefly then part ways.

However the last week or so she texted almost never and when i was the one who reached out, she barely answered, sometimes not at all. The last 3 days i was really busy with work and all and i had a weekend getaway planned, so i just let things take their own path and didn't bother texting her. I didn't even make it to the store those 3 days. The weekend rolls around and she reaches out to me asking if im alright and such. I told her i had been busy and was going away but i told her i would love to take her out when i got back and he responded with she'd love that.

So today rolls around and i make it to the store in the morning and she happens to be there. She manages to wave me down and runs over and gives me a big hug. Again we talk quickly and i head out to work. After work today i texted to see if she was free at all this week and i got this "im busy all afternoons this week" response. I responded with an ok and said just let me know if you get time. And that was that, nothing since.

Now i feel im getting mixed signals because she seems completely interested in me in person, but when not around she never texts me and when I text her, it seems she has no interest to talk to me. I will continue to see her in the store we go to regardless and continue to act the same way towards her (I do like her :) but i would like to know what am i dealing with here? Should i just move on and let her intiate, or accept she's lost interest and is just being nice? or am i over analyzing and being insecure?


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  • Maybe she doesn't really like texting and is more of a face to face to communicate kind of girl, that's how my sister is, when people text her she over analyses what they say and she's takes forever to respond to what they said but in person she's more on her feet because she's more comfortable talking instead of texting, and there's a constant flow.

  • Try it or give up. Depends on if you think she's worth your time.


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