How do you get a gf in college?

Do girls like it if a random guy walks up to them and talks to them? I've heard of so many guys who got into relationships by walking up to a random girl and starting a conversation. Does that work with any girl, or only some girls in college? Today's teenagers are really stuck up and don't really talk to anyone that's out of their circle of friends. Most of the girls around my college mostly have this "fuck off" kind of look to them. Regardless, I sometimes see random guys walk up to random girls and talk to them.


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  • It's really nice, actually. Saves you the work of going after guys yourself, and it can be kind of charming.
    As for whether it "works" or not, it depends on your reception, obviously. Some girls are open to it, some aren't. Some girls will find you attractive or witty, and some won't. It really just depends on the girl, her mood, and how smooth, charming, and handsome you are.


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  • I wouldn't mind if someone came up and talked to me. Girls enjoy a guy with confidence.


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