Girls, should a guy setup a date at the end of the first?

I had a date about a week ago and it went well. Her schedule was super busy for the rest of the week so I wasn't in a hurry to setup another date, but I did express the next day that I think we should go out again, which she agreed. So a couple days after that I decided to actually try to setup an actual date at a time when she wasn't busy. I'm thinking maybe this is where I messed up. by the way we've texted many times since the date. Well when I did that, she completely dodged my question about setting up a date, and yet she keeps texting me as if I never even mentioned it. wtf? So I don't even know what to think now. Any ideas? Today I texted her and asked her if she didn't like my date idea. Probably shouldn't have done this, but I kind of want an answer instead of her ignoring a second date. It doesn't do any good to just text all the time.


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  • I hate when guys do that personally. I prefer if they just be more relaxed and slow with it. Tell me he's enjoyed himself and he'd like to see me again, at the end of the date he should just say he'll call me, then we'll have another convo or two and arrange something during those convos.

    For me, when a guy is too eager for the next date, it just puts me off, and it makes me feel more under pressure to, like we've got to decide this right now, like just chill and see what happens, you don't need to plan everything so quickly.


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