Am I being friend zoned?

I went on 2 dates with someone who seemed fairly interested in me. I never showed an insane amount of interest, but I never acted cold either. I displayed excitement when we met in person but when it came to texts I acted neutral with my responses. I also told him that I was seeing someone who he happened to know, but I told him that it wasn't really working out between us.

Anyway, he reached out on my birthday and asked me out on a 3rd date. I said "Sounds great to me, thanks for the birthday wishes!" But I never heard from him after that.

One month later he invites me to his birthday. I end up going and he's excited to see me. He asks me "how come a girl like me isn't wifed up yet". I just laughed it off and smiled.

One week later he thanks me for coming to his birthday and that it was a pleasure to have me. One week after that, he invites me to an event by the beach. "You should come hang out on Sunday if you aren't busy.." I didn't go because I wasn't feeling well that day and I told him that.

So I ended up reaching out to him the next week. I texted him at 9pm on a Friday asking him what he's doing over the weekend and that I'd like to see him. He told me his plans and followed up with "lets definitely link, what are your plans later tonight?" I responded with "tonight is no good but any other day would be great". So we decided to talk on Saturday. However, he didn't reach out until 11pm saying "What are you up to?". I didn't answer him until Sunday. I said "Good morning, I went to bed early because I've been partying since noon, how was your night? Its too bad we couldn't link up. Maybe sometime soon." He says "Nice, I like your style, my night was crazy but fun.. Lets absolutely link. Let me know when you decide to go out drinking during the day again..." I just responded with "For sure!"

I have to admit, I'm a little frustrated because I feel like he's friend zoning me. I don't know. What do you guys think?


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  • Well all the cancelled plans, whether they had genuine reasons for the cancellation or not, and the late replies have probably led him to think that you're not interested, so it's possible that he doesn't see it happening but doesn't wanna break contact with you either. It doesn't necessarily mean that you're friendzoned but if you do like him or at least have an interest in him, you need to show it to him or even tell him if he doesn't get the message.

  • I think neither side is showing interest. Both sides probably want to show interest, but do not want to make the first move.


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