Playing me or genuine?

So I met this guy through my friends. He is over 20, and he used to be known as a ladies man. I'm a little stuck between knowing what his intentions are.
He's really nice and before he started acting interested, we would have pretty good conversations, but I've only started speaking to him recently, like it's been a week of non-stop texting. He's asked to hang out a fair bit and we did for about half hour a few days ago, which was good. I'm not sure if he's just out to have a fling though. I asked him and I said I'm not looking for a fling, and told him I don't want to be used by another guy. and he said he'd never do that to me and that he wants a real relationship with me. But to be honest he hardly knows me, I mean we've become good friends just in the past week, but am I just another potential girl to get certain stuff out of? If you know what I mean.
My last relationship ended badly, and I don't want to be stuck in yet another unhealthy one.
Anyone know by what I've mentioned whether he seems genuine or if he's just playing me?

He says really sweet things etc, but it seems a bit strange that he could 'want to be with me so much' after just a week? haha

Idk, help please.


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  • Saying that kinda stuff after a week, especially with the age difference between you guys leads me to think that he might be playing you. But making assumptions won't do anyone any good if they're wrong. See if he keeps up the "really sweet things" and if he still wants "a real relationship with you" in like two or three weeks. Don't change how you act, just don't give in. If he doesn't then you know he either got bored of you and moved on and/or was playing you, and if he does then maybe he's genuine.

    • Yeah I figured, I'll definitely be cautious. I'm not looking for a fling that's for sure.

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