I wanna ask this girl out, but there are some issues?

Ok, so in July I went to a camp in NYC. Was really A good time, and I met this beautiful girl there. She and I became good friends, and even when the camp ended we were both crying and hugging each other. When I got home I realized that I really loved this girl. She's going to be back in NY soon, and I'm only 4 hours away. So I wanna ask her out, but there are some problems.
First, I'm 15 and she's 17
Second, I have bad acne due to a disease (not gonna get into that) wear glasses and braces, and unfortunately in my case, doesn't look very good. Her on the other hand, she's beautiful. Skin perfect, blond hair.
Third, I want to ask her out, but our friendship is too priceless for me to take that risk.

I need help. I honestly cannot stop thinking about this girl. Again, I want to ask her out, but what if it ruins the friendship?



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  • Well, what's on the other end for you? Listening to her stories about her boyfriend everyday and using her fb pictures for things that should not be named?

  • build you friendship more first. Get to know each other on a deeper level... You're both very young and have a lot of life left to live.


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