Was he just trying to manipulate me the entire time? :/?

I was seeing a guy for a short time, roughly a month and a half.

He's the first guy I have ever dated and he was very experienced. He had plenty of girlfriends before me.

When we met he was very sweet and showed genuine interest. Seemed to want to get to know me by asking thought provoking questions.

Wasn't too touchy at all- all normal and cute stuff. Hand holding, hair touching, gently caressing my knee, etc.

On our second date I could tell he was thinking about kissing.

Over time he gradually became much more touchy. Went for my thigh and stomach. Still liked playing with my hands and fingers and everything.

He got permission for me to kiss him, but he said something odd before. He said he felt I would be disgusted if he tried to kiss me. Came off as manipulative.

I did kiss him and from there he just went crazy. In a two week span he went from pulling me in his lap and gently kissing my lips to making out and putting my hand on his crotch.

He felt my breasts under my shirt also even though it made me uncomfortable and he could tell it did. But he said it was normal for that to happen in dating.

I never let him take off my clothes but he liked lifting up my shirt and feeling on my stomach and breasts. He really eased into it and said manipulative type things- like it's normal, don't be scared. Or I'm a guy and all guys are like this.

He would also rub between my legs when I was wearing jeans and we were kissing. I just thought that was forward. He would also say how he wished I would touch his boner.

The general trend was that he started off coming on strong with interest. He gradually worked in that we could also see other people when before he was talking of Being my boyfriend. He definitely pulled away at the end, that was what tipped me off.

Was he just trying to take advantage of my inexperience? He probably just wanted sex the entire time right? I can't see how he could have wanted to date me.. Even though it seemed so


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  • It's guys like him that give nice guys a bad name. I'm a genuinely nice guy but girls for some reason always assume I just want to get in their pants and friendzone me. I'm a virgin and have never even had a kiss before. Just don't let your bad experience with him ruin a potentially good relationship with a good guy. A good guy will be patient with you and he will respect your boundaries. He'll also do special things for you that show that you are the one he cares about the most and you are the ONLY one.

    • I really hope so! Can't wait to meet that guy

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    • Good. You are one of few :)

    • Thanks for MHO :))

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  • Yep. Here is a secret. Men are all pigs. Really. All of us. We all want sex. Some of us are more willing to do stuff to get it. Sure he was working up to having sex with you. You did not seem to want to. So he lost interest. If he suggested that you be a couple but still see other people, there is no doubt. He wants to use you for sex. Call it a learning experience.

    • At least I know better. I just think he thought he could take advantage because I was naiive. Jerk

    • You think he just wanted to hook up the entire time? I feel so used and manipulated. He really made me think we were a couple in the beginning, why I even let him kiss me

  • he was just manipulating you!!! I'm so sorry :'(

    • I really hope I never date another guy like him. He was awful :/ I feel so used, you have no idea.

    • Don't worry there are other guys that won't do that to you and will respect you for you

  • Lol is your name jessica by any chance


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