Is he serious or just going to play me? Does he really care? Am I any different? Should I walk away or stay?

I like this 16 year old guy a lot! I am 18 by the way.. Well we are friends but were talking. He's a player and usually he will set girls up and make a move. Well we have been friends almost 2 were really close. He's at my house everyday. Well he says he likes me too. But he tells me he is afraid of hurting our friendship or if he can trust himself to be faithful plus he has some shit going on and doesn't want me in it. I believe this^. But he's almost kissed me a few times but fights it I asked why and he says it's because he doesn't want to fall harder for me. He does find me attractive.. But I don't know if it's real.. He's been crazy about a girl and was faithful but.. I don't know if he would for me or if I am just a side hoe.. Ideas? Please I need help and opinions..

Anything would be great!


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  • Even if he is a player, he will stay faithful to you. Players actually can change their ways. They just need the right girl to keep them in line. If you do find out he's just using you, then don't fight a losing battle


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