How do u seduce ur partner?

I love to stroke my partners body n moan to seduce him. How do u seduce ur partner?


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  • Beyond the obvious triggers, I find that a persons passions, and them getting fiercely passionate about something is highly sexy. Maybe this is more so true of females than it is males (or maybe it's not, as I myself fall into this category), but my past partners have usually been turned on to me most when I'm doing something I love, or when I'm talking about something I love.

    I've also noticed that whispering something sweet and sexy right into a woman's ear while also brushing facial hair against her ear/neck/cheek can do it too. Also, while completely cliche, giving (or getting a massage) almost always leads to SOMETHING. LOL

    • When u whisper somethin hot to gal's ear she imagines what would happen with her n gets aroused:)

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    • Thanks for MH. :-)

    • :):):):)

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  • I smile at her :)

  • Kiss on the neck, gentle bite on the ear always gets my gf going.

    • Same is my case:) one of best ways

    • Simple, but sweet, she loves it.

    • Every gal loves it:)

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  • "Seduce" seems so manipulative. I'll go with "arouse".

    The ol' grinding my ass against his groin never fails.

    • How qbut role play?

    • I've never done it actually. Have you? I'm an awful actress and think I'd get embarrassed.

    • No m virgin lols but i love to tease my bf by stroking him. Role play was just an imagination. Will do that soon:)

  • I usually just ask "wanna get naked?" and wiggle my bum.

    • That's too direct:) i wish i too cud b a bit direct too:)

  • Stroke the inside of his knee, slowly moving towards his inner thigh, upwards...