Would you date a girl that is?

A 5'2" girl who is 200 lbs but working on losing weight?

If you two got along well? Not a ugly girl. Just a chubby girl who has potential to look very pretty with weightloss and good health.

Can you guys not read lol.

I said I am working on losing weight.

Eating healthy, exercising, eating a lot less, going out more often.


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  • yes I have already and I put her in Womens pro football

    • That sounds really nice of you! Unless you're playing. then not cool man.

    • No Its real she was light at first but gained weight we lived together she did this for me even though she hated it. She did feel proud though

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  • I dont care how fat, tall, ugly or small she is. Its the personality that counts! I am nice like that!

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    • ^ 200 is just waaay too much, you weigh more than me and I'm 6'4. www.appforhealth.com/.../Metlifetable2.jpg

      Guys are very physical, appearance (fairly slim) is required for most guys.

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    • cool beans and rock on she-bro!

    • you know what.. I think you just raised an interesting point.
      When someone think of "Big Man" , people often associate it with big and BURLY.
      When someone think of "Big Girl" , people often associate it being big and soft.

      Funny social assumption eh.

  • i have just seen photos of women that are 5.2 and around 200 pounds. It's isn't a disaster. So to answer the question yes i would.

    • Yeah, the number makes it seem worse than it really is.
      But I have a smallish frame, I use to weigh 90 pounds... I had anorexia in my teen years.

      I was forced to learn that eating A LOT was a good thing.

      Just got a little careless hahah!

    • lol It's better than the girls that you take to restaurants and i got myself a nice big juicy steak and she orders a side salad with a glass of water. it's more about exercising than eating tbh.

  • If you are working out sure. Not only you're going to lose fat you're going to be fit and stunning.

    Now if your personality is not messed up...

  • I would if she actually continues on working out, working out is hot

  • Lose weight first then we'll talk.

  • No. I'm short 5'7 1/2" and girls give me a hard time for it , guys accept me but girls are really nasty. most friends are 6' plus some are 5'10" . Due to us both being short I would not risk having a son and putting him through what I've gone through as a short guy , unless you don't want to have children then maybe we could date

    • LOL yeah I only like tall guys.

    • Like most girls. story of my life. I find the short girls say that the tall girls don't care , girls are so shallow really they are. perfect example. I usually date girls 5'6" - 5'9" really these are the only girls that seem to give me a chance how ironic lol

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  • Yes, I have seen girls like this who have good relationships.

    • Yeah, I've seen girls larger than me have better relationships than most.
      I'm working on losing it so I don't accidentally attract a chubby chaser and disappoint him that I want to change my size for good lol.