Extremely confused... feel really hurt and angry?

I'm a 32 year old single mom with a 6 year old child.
Back im march I met a guy online.. on a dating website.
We have talked everyday since..
about our divorces, our kids everything...
His wife left him in December last year.. he has a 4 year old.
he lives a few hours away and travels away for work for 2 weeks and is home for a week.. before leaving for 2 weeks..
that, our kids, and the recent death of my father has really interfered with our plans to meet,
but , we have talked non stop... every day
until last week.. i didn't hear from him all week.
he didn't respond to sms messages.. nothing at all
it was only after messaging asking what was going on did he say
sorry i wasn't expecting this but i have met someone..
um what?
we had planned on meeting beg of next month...
he still wants us to chat and be friends..
he met someone a week ago and now the last 6 months we have 'spent' together means nothing?
i am really confused..
i feel i deserved more than the cold shoulder and week of being ignored only to have to drag out of him that he met someone else a week ago..
i really don't understand...

so thats it? i get ditched over someone he met one whole week ago?
why does he want us to keep in contact for?
what's the point?
even though it was long distance... it meant something to me
he meant something to me..
i liked him.. why couldnt he tell me?
why completely ignore me for a whole week?


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  • It was only three months after his divorce. Divorce is big for a lot of people, sorry, but it could of been a rebound thing till he met somebody else.
    Don't be his friend, he probably just wants to keep you hanging round as a little thing incase this doesn't work out. Or if you are his friend, don't just let him run back to you at all easily when or if he breaks up with this one.


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  • The distance between you two probably was the deciding factor. You got him fresh off a divorce, so even if you did get with him it may have been trouble.

  • Physical meeting will always trump online contact only. Especially with no solid plans to meet-up.


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  • Since u guys were long distance he probably didn't take it seriously.