Am I just his rebound chick?

My friend tried to set me up with this boy about a month ago. We talked for about two weeks and then he told me he was "talking" to another girl and that he didn't wanna talk to me anymore. So, we stopped talking completely after that. My friends still kept telling me I needed to date him though because we were perfect for each other. So, about two weeks ago he randomly texted me. So we continued to text for about a week because I was away so I couldn't see him. About a week after that, he told me liked me and that he thinks my friends are right about us dating. He always said things that made me smile like I can't wait to see you and stuff like that. He started calling me sweetie and using hearts when we said goodbye to each other. So, I thought everything was good. Now I will text him and he will ignore me. Or he will tell me he will text me later and never does. So then I text him and he says he is busy. So, I feel like he was just using me as a rebound. Does he actually like me or am I just a rebound?


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  • I don't know. I don't think you're a rebound...unless he has just gotten out of a serious relationship... I think he only wants to talk to you and be all couple-ish when it's convienient for him. So you need to tell him how you feel or move on because he is way too indecisive and if you keep waiting for him you'll end up hurting and more confused. It doesn't matter what your friends say if they haven't dated him or attempted,or been in this situation with him then they don't know. Don't try to be with him to please them.

    Good Luck

  • Don't text him anymore unless he text you first. Don't be too available. I would say to just leave him alone. We don't know and we don't need to make assumptions on how he's feeling or thinking about you. Actions speak louder than words. So, I would say to forget about this guy and find another one that can treat you better or just the way you want to be treated.

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