I'm getting feeling for my personal trainer, and confused on if I should just push those away, or if he may feel the same?

So I have been seeing my personal trainer for about 6 sessions now. Not including our initial meet where we just talked for about an hour. I immediately from the moment meeting him, felt comfortable and or conversations were a breeze. I didn't find him hot or anything, but he is decent looking. I never thought anything of him. We start training, and everyday working with him, while it's hard work, it's really fun. We talk and badger in a fun way, we laugh, etc. not necessarily flirting, but I have made comments like "sorry if my thong is showing" the day he had me do burpees (my ass in view) with pants a little too big in the waist. He's had me run on the treadmill when wearing the wrong bra, so as I hug my breasts so they don't flop in my face, we joke about that. We ask about eachothers week/weekend often, but not into personal relationships. He told me from day one I have "vanity weight", insinuating I'm not actually fat. And I'm also not hideous, I know I am decently attractive. I'm 20, he's in his 30s I think, and I'm pretty sure single. But anyways, off topic! We would text when I had a food question, and then one time it turned into a texting conversation about a wedding weekend thing he went to over the weekend, he sent pictures of that ball game and chatted about that for awhile. This past weekend I went to Vegas with my gramps for a slot tournament thing. My pt apparently goes a lot, and told me some restaurants and places to go. While there, I was bored and drunk, and ended up texting him, which turned into a back and forth conversation the whole time I was there. Me venting about my frustration with being there and watching my grandma play a non winning slot the whole time. When I landed on my way back, I open my phone to "welcome back" and then he told me a story about the news and emailed me the article. This weekend was when I got feelings, but don't know if he was just being nice.


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  • to be brutally honest, this is normal for personal trainers. they become personal with you. with all of their clients. he's most likely being nice but its not impossible that he doesn't like you but maybe he is refraining due to the fact he doesn't want to get involved directly with a client.


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