Dating a guy who's just joined a dating site?

Been dating this guy for a couple of months - taking it slow (admittedly not even kissed yet!) he's just got out of a serious relationship.
A friend today showed me this guy on this dating site! I took myself off dating sites a couple of weeks ago (including this one) so I know he must have recently joined because I never saw him on it before.
I casually said "nice profile" he said thanks.. then I thought no f#%k this that's a bit low surely? So I messaged again saying we obviously want different things with I understand , but that I'm not up for getting messed around.

Why do lads do this? Had no reply from him (don't really expect one!)


Thanks for the replies guys! Yea agreed two months with not even a kiss is way too long admittedly!


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  • Perhaps he doesn't consider his relationship with you serious as of yet. He could very well see the lack of intimacy as being proof of a relationship still in the vetting process, and if such is the case, there is no reason why he shouldn't still be looking.

    This doesn't make him a player in mind.

    Also, messaging him online and confronting him with an passive aggressive tone... if he indeed does still view the relationship as being vetted... that wouldn't fly with even the best of men.


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  • Well... you're "dating" for months and not even kissing. I can't blame him really. He probably thinks you're not even into him. Mentally he probably moved on from you a long time ago. He probably didn't even consider it "dating" either.

  • Dump him he is a player!@!@!@


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