I want to date her but I don't know about it? What should I do?

There's this girl that is my best/closest friend but I also kind of want to date her. I don't think that she wants to date me & if we do date each other then I wouldn't want something to happen that would make it awkward for us to be friends if we broke up. I feel like if I made the first move but she didn't want to date me it would be really awkward & possibly change our friendship (for the worse). What should I do? Should I wait for her to make the first move or what?


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  • For me, the best option is to be honest, but not scary honest; Just say something like "you know, maybe we should go on a date! Can I take to the movies or something?" If she says no, dont act like nothing happened, accept the facts as it is, and say "ok, so how about calling all the gang and see a movie?" That will show that you want to remain friends. I won't lie, there will be some awkwardness, but dont run away from it.

    • I've texted her to hang out (just the two of us) before (the first time it was her idea) but always as just friends. I feel like I'd like to date her but I'm also afraid of something happening while we are dating that makes it too awkward for us to be friends if we break up.

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    • Well, but you are scared of losing her friendship right? Will have to lose that fear too.

    • that's true

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  • I agree with isayno honesty is good here. I mean I wouldn't say " i love you so much marry me" you know... don't scare her away ;) But you could say "hey do you like me more than a friend?" then if she says no , you could maybe play it off and be like "oh cool, I mean, I like you, but only a little and I was just testing the waters" or something like that. Good luck!

  • I think you should listen to your gut. If you believe that if you asked her she would say no, then go for it. If not, then i would suggest to trust your gut, cause its probably right. Althoug, dont let this discourage you. If you really like her, you can start changing your game, try to act like you re more than just her friend, by doing small lovely gestures that she would appreciate. Just find out a movie she loves and ask her in a friendly way f. e. Ben ditched me on movie night, and i have an extra ticket, would you come with me?
    You could buy her, her favourite chocolates, or give her a flower, or try to touch her very often, not like innappropriate way, but f. e. In her shoulder, or hands, or arms, or back, or even cheek (that s a form of indirect flirting). Hope this helps you!


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