I think this guy has a crush on me! But he doesn't text me?

So i recently entered a new school and i became friends with a classmate of mine, let's call him Danny. And i also had a crush on someone, John.

Things between John and I didn't go very well (he'd show signs of interest but switch off) so i decided not to pursue John anymore. When i told Danny about me getting over John, Danny suddenly started to show romantic interest in me. (It was more than just flirting and he behaved more romantic with me compared to when we were friends).

For example, he'd hint that he wants to date me. He's a pisces and i'm a gemini, and so I was like "Yeah! Pisces boys can be quite emotional" and he was like "Yeah, so do you like emotional boys?" and he also started becoming more touchy with me. And there was this one time, he asked a good friend of mine if he could exchange seats with her so that he could see my face. (She was sitting opposite me) (He is also a model and doesn't show anyone his photoshoot pictures except me)

But the thing is, while he behaves like this with me in person, we have no communication out of school, he's a really bad texter and he can stop replying suddenly and it really frustrates me.

I can't help but have 2nd thoughts about whether he likes me or not- despite it being blatantly obvious to everyone and not just me. But the fact that he doesn't continue or start conversations via text with me just makes me a little doubtful.

Should i be worried? Is it common to not want to talk to your crush 24/7?


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  • Some guys or girls are just bad texters. They suck at it. From what you said I think he likes you. Always trust your guts (feelings) in these situations. If you feel that he like you then he does.
    If doesn't like to text, communicate with him in a way that he is confortable, in person. Tell him instead of texting him. Or call him.


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  • Well, if he is anything like me, he just does not use his phone for socialising. Mabey you could ask him if there is a way to keep in touch with him outside of school? Don't be too clingy though, that could be detrimental.

  • The play hot, play cold syndrome, very familiar.


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