Is it possible for a guy to be in love with someone and date someone else?

my friend and her boyfriend had been together for about 2 years, but after a while things got a little bad between them and they broke up a couple of weeks ago. they still talk and hang out like nothing is wrong and you can tell that he really likes her a lot and he even tells her he loves her. but a couple of days ago we found out that he went on a date with some girl (we don't know who she is). what does that mean?


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  • It's possible that he's just trying to get over her, I can't tell you weather he'll be able to get over her or if he'll never be able to get over her.

    Maybe he'll realize how much he cares for your friend once he dates other girls?

    Only time will tell.

  • It means he's cheating and she needs to either sock it to him or let him go. If it was just an outing with a friend who is a girl that would be different...but an actual romantic date? H-E- Double Hockey Sticks No! HE is wayyyy out of line.

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