Why did he avoid this?

Chatting online to a Guy I'm seeing who has mentioned his ex a few times in the past but when I told him about my ex contacting me he didn't even take any notice !! he avoided what I said and chatted about something else he just ignored it , why did he ignore what I said? He isn't interested in what I've said or maybe jealous?


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  • He probably thinks talking about exes in general is a non-issue. If he's brought up his own and didn't really think anything of it, and you brought up yours and he didn't talk about it - it means it's probably not a big deal to him. Also, what kind of questions are people really wanting to know about exes so badly to continue a conversation? Usually, someone talking about their ex is the only one doing all the talking and the other person is usually just waiting for them to shut up about them. Good thing he's not getting jealous about it, that's a good sign. Maybe you both said what you wanted to to get it off your chests and it's done with now. :)