Girl with a boyfriend acts strange?

This girl I work with has a boyfriend but her and I have been back and forth for a year. We both have played games with each other. I mostly ignore her and she seems to get pissed. It seems like if I ignore her it don't pay attention to her she will look to get it somewhere else. I used to skip out in work lunches because I didn't want to be made jealous. Now her thing is she skips all of them for like the past 8 months when she used to go to them all. She randomly went to one when I was out of town and she was sure to let me know about it. Which I thought was weird. When it was my turn to choose lunch she emailed me directly instead of the email chain to say she can't go. I was like I already knew this! She also has called in sick to events I would be at. Like last month she asked if I was going to the corp HQ tour I said yes. And thought cool I'll get to see her all day. Nope she calls in sick. She does stuff like this all the time so I wonder if this has to do with me. Last week we had a group meeting, I hadn't seen or talked to her in a while. I was sir pursed to see she came down to the meeting. During the meeting she kept looking to see if I was looking at her. I didn't. Then I looked at her and she quickly looked at me then away. Then she just gets up and leaves the meeting half way through! What is all this?


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  • In my opinion, she has the belief that you are quite enamored with her, and she undoubtedly craves attention and adoration. However, perhaps due to her relationship with her guy, she avoids you here and there, perhaps to confuse you, and to deter you from asking her out.

    • No plan to ask her out, though you make a great point. When I first started I barely noticed this girl but she went out if her way to get my attention. The first time I talked to her alone I thought she was going to pass out. What you say is prob true just going to the extent of skipping lunches as well as work Events I don't get? Seems a bit much really.

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