Could it possibly be a good thing that I got... dumped?

There is this guy I used to date for about 4 months. We were not yet official. He was 29 and I was 20. He treated me like a true gentleman and I could tell he was not the type to look for a fling at all.
He had many great qualities about him, and we had gone on several dates. The only thing was, I wasn't feeling excited before going on a date with him, and I wouldn't come home excited. I didn't feel much of a spark with him, but I wanted to continue dating him to see if the spark would develop. (I even told him this and he was okay with it; he told me he liked me and that I'm different from what he's seen in the past 3 years.) I didn't feel that he made me laugh often, and that's something important to me. Also, I felt he didn't really mentally stimulate me. (These are the feelings I felt back then)
About a month or so later, he decided to break it off with me because of the age difference and... I'm really missing him now. I think of him a lot and feel that his absence has made me appreciate all his qualities more. (He has a girlfriend now)

==So my big question is: Do you think it's good that he broke up with me? Do you think a spark would have later developed or is it just my wishful thinking? Do you think the relationship wouldn't have lasted, anyway due to no spark?
What's your take on the whole thing?
Do relationships live without a spark?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Dood the cuties will only go for bad boyz cuz they are ur type. I guess it was good that he dump u before u can even dump him. Probably what u said make him doubt himself so its better if he dump ur little azz first before u can even dump him to get with the bad boi.. afterall, most nice guyz always got their luv taken fir granted correct?


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  • I think you're missing his presence, and we can often have regret when we can no longer have something. I don't think that means it would've worked out though. You wanted to be with him because he was a good guy, but your heart was not feeling it. That didn't change until he said goodbye and found someone else. That's more your mind playing tricks on you, and making you think you didn't realize what a great catch he was before.

    Thing is, he probably was a great catch, but that doesn't mean he was right for you. Don't have regrets simply because you like what is comfortable, or because you're single and he's not. If it was right, it would've worked out.

    • Hm, true. Thanks for the answer! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question