He doesn't like to kiss?

Well I have this boyfriend since forever... he doesn't like to kiss. I don't really have a problem with it. But when were at the beach and out in public seeing others kiss makes me upset. He says on our wedding day he wants to kiss me. He has this thing about saliva. But he kisses my neck and other places. Do you think he'll ever kiss me? Or is he ashamed to kiss me?


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  • Garcelle is right-- it's probably not you, if you've done breath-check. :) Just be straight-up and ask him to kiss you more because it's hurting your feelings...I already say kudos, 'cause I can't imagine staying with someone who never kissed me. :( My only worry is if he only plans to kiss you on your wedding day, how do/will you guys get through sex? I feel like mouth-kissing is super important in that ritual, but maybe that's just me...Anyway, I don't thnk it's your fault at all, and you should be honest and firm that you need some mouth-to-mouth lovin' in your life. :)

    • We are actually both virgins... so sex isn't in out life at the moment. I'm kinda worried about him actually kissing me if we do get married. Seems like I don't really mean that much to him if he doesn't care about kissing his loved one.

    • Ah, good for you guys. Take it at your own pace. :) And I would have the exact same worry-- a lifetime without kissing would suck. Ask him why he doesn't-- tell him no one particularly loves saliva, but it's the connection that rocks. If he's embarassed, that's one thing, help him through that, but anything else is odd and hurtful to you as his beloved. :( Good luck!

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  • well I'm in a rush right now but one of my close friends doesn't like kissing :| I asked why and he said its just disguesting. You see the thing is I acn tell that he's bi sexual I really can't be bothered getting into but even my mum can tell he's either gay or bi lol. hmm hopefully your boy should kiss you if he really does like or even love you

    • Thanx && I thought my boyfriend was gay at one point of time. LOL

    • Hahah my friend is I'm almost 100 percent sure gay or bi sexual because id say stuff on here but its just not 'appropriate' hahaha I don't like him anymore he's just a fake guy now..

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  • this may seem funny but its perfectly logical seeing as how the only reason I don't like to kiss my boyfriend is because I hate the "slobbery" smell that his kisses leave behind sometimes... I like kissing but I've never been the tongue/spit type of girl... maybe he's like that... but if he kisses your neck and other places, maybe there's another problem... youve done the breath check right? it seems really harsh but sometimes I don't like to kiss when his breath smells OR even when mine might! basically if its not the breath, he may just not be a big time french kisser/lip kisser... but honestly, if you're posting a question about it, you DO have a problem with it... he's not ashamed to kiss you sweetie! and he will kiss you one day maybe when the time is right or whenever... just know its not you, he may not be a big time kisser... everyones got their preference.

    • Yes, I totally agree with you. I'm actually like his first real girlfriend. LOL I think he probably is embarassed about kissing. Thank you so much for the advice. And it's not the breathe LOL.

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