Do you think its possible she is over stating her relationship with this guy if there even is one?

a couple months back I had this girl I know from hometown tell me she was in a relationship with this new guy. however the whole thing seems odd , he does exist and I did see them together but only once or twice at the local pub and also once at another bar.
however I'm starting to wonder how serious this really is , as I haven't seen them together at pub for a while and he supposedly works out of state sometimes. she also hasn't posted a Facebook profile or cover photo of them together ( but I can't see her entire profile to see if she changed relationship info or not ) . and there is a picture of her at this country music festival she was looking forward to going to and really likes and he isn't even there. which I though seemed odd if they were so serious why isn't he there with her?

anyways I'm not saying she made the whole thing up just to get rid of me or get back at me but its starting to seem rather odd , and I've accepted the reality she doesn't want to date me so it all is more a curiousity thing at this point than anything else as to if she really is dating him or not


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  • she could be doing that, but on the other hand a lot of people don't post their relationships all over FB. A lot of couples i know who have been together for a long time are barely FB friends.
    Maybe he was busy and couldn't go to that festival.

    A question you might want to ask yourself is why you want to know. Are you sure you're over her? In my experience, if I'm thinking of the guy with him new GF/date whatever I still have some unresolved issues.

    • the festival was sold out so its possible he couldn't get tickets but still seems odd he wasn't even there and never been a profile pic of them yet as it be like 3 months of seriously dating supposedly by now. I agree there is some unresolved issues due to how things between me and her ended but I have been meeting others girls this summer some I was interested in

    • also forgot to add the picture shows her beside another guy I have never seen before , it doesn't look like there is anything going on between them other than drinking and parting but I find it odd she'd be hanging out with other guys at this festival and he wouldn't even be there? especially since there is a lot of pressure for girls to get sexual at those kinds of events as they stay there overnight in campgrounds and a lot of drinking taking place . I don't know just find it odd

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