I really like this guy but I'm going away for a year... should I keep seeing him or just leave things as friends?

the thing is we really like eack other and I love spending time wiht him.. the problem is I'm leaving for a year, he says that he doesn't want to stop taking to me and I don't either but I'm worried of hurting him and me when I leave... everytime we see each other (at least once a week) and end up acting like we're a couple holding hands and kissing and everything.

I'm confused but I really like him, may even love him.


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  • Well, if you stay in contact things should be good even thou
    you can't see one another face to face and i bet you when
    you come back you will fall for him even more than you are now

    • Sometimes a certain change in life for while from someone
      will make things more stronger when you come back even
      thou it will be year

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    • Thank You for Most Hekpful:) Best Wishes XD

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  • I would leave it as friends. A year away from each other is a very long time and it would be unfair to expect him to wait an entire year for you to return from your travels.

  • Nope, long Term doesn't work, it's proven.
    Stay friends until you come back.

    • I know long term doesn't work the thing is if i should stop seeing him or not niw like before I go or like if we go out be as friends and not like a couple (like ee normally do)

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