What should I do..?

Long story short:

I liked him. He dated my best friend. They broke up. He dated me. We broke up. Months later he came to my house and some how we ended up cuddled on my bed(nothing else happened) he told me how he cared so much about me and all this stuff and I asked him to let me think about whether I wanted to go anywhere with him again. Then, like the next day, he slept with my best friend.

I was p*ssed, and I didn't handle it well so I completely cut off all communication with him. But today he finally tried to contact me, he said how much he misses me and how he needs to talk to me to at least get some closure.

The thing is I know if I talk to him I will end up forgiving him cause I am a major pushover.

Should I talk to him or just ignore him so he leaves me alone?


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What Guys Said 1

  • First of all you and your best friend need to communicate better. Share secrets and trust each other. If that was the case, this would not have happened.

    Second, how can you not see that this man can not be trusted? He dated and broke up with both of you. Then he comes and shows definite interest in you. And you got taken in by that? What has happened in the interim period to make him interested again? He is just playing the field.

    Dont stop talking to him. Tell him that he and your best friend make a nice couple. Wish them all the best (sincerely). But silently thank your stars that you did not get involved with him.


What Girls Said 1

  • Honey, you gotta ignore him. If he made you unhappy because of somethign that is obviously a reason to get p*ssed off about, then you should know what's best for you and stop that from happening. You need a guy that can make you happy and tell you the TRUTH. He clearly has some issues if he told you how much he cared about you then slept with your best friend. You need a reality check babe, get better best friends, find a better man. I know it's not what you want to hear because you really want to talk to him. But you yourself know if you continue on with this you won't be happy and you will never let it go.