What's your reaction/opinion when your partner does these things?

I went to see my doctor cause I might be pregnant and I was terribly ill. But my boyfriend didn't come with me and was meeting up his friends. And he was talking to them that another girl is his dreamboat, who is very cool and sexy, he also has a massive crush a girl who sings very well.

This things eventually came to me, and I felt very terrible. I talked to him and he told me he was just playing cool it was nothing serious. But he actually had that sexy cool girl's picture as his phone background even after we started dating. And I just feel he's a bit cold when I was terribly ill and might be pregnant he was talking his crush and dreamboat thing with others.

But he got angry that I'm upset about this, saying I'm overly jealous and overreacting. Well, what's your opinion/ how would you react?


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  • your not overly jealous at all. He's being careless to the way you feel. If he's not just dating you, and titles you as his girlfriend. he shouldn't be having crushes, or talking about it. guys are gonna look yes. but there's no reason to be putting it out there.
    having the background photo? that seems to far. I don't know how long you two have been together. try talking about it again. and ask him to listen, dont get emotional. If he doesn't change it and still acts careless to it. test him.
    I once did the same to my boyfriend. he did not know this women she was a model, and it was a sensual picture. that you can get on any wallpaper online. however he asked me if i was okay with it. I said no, and put it out there what if i did the same? he said he wouldn't like it either.
    if your boyfriend doesn't care if you do it. it might mind that he is not that serious into the relationship.
    be more careful. I would'nt want to get pregnant with a guy who favored friends over a possible child.


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  • It's one thing to have an appreciation for someone else, but gushing about them while your possibly pregnant girlfriend is at the doctors, is just low.


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  • Its one thing to say someone is attractive or whatever, but to gush about another woman or say you have crushes etc is too far.