He has a girlfriend but wants to hangout?

An old fling (hook up) contacted me after 2 months of neither one of us reaching out to one another. After conversin via text he did tell me he was seeing someone from his home town. Then said he wanted to hang out soon. After i told him im not down for a hook up he said he didn't mean sex jus hang out. Why would he contact me if seeing someone? Especially jus to see me?


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  • He said that because you said you didn't want a hook up. But, see.. he thinks he can convince you because you've done it before.
    I dont think its as innocent as he is making it seem especially after telling you he's seeing someone else. He should have no business contacting you..

    But... Maybe this new girl has not given him anything yet so he's trying to get it somewhere else in the mean time.


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  • He probably did want to hook up but felt awkward about it when you called him out on it.

    • yea but i pretty much cussed him out via text i didn't think he was gonna respond to it especially if that was his true reason.. i know i wouldn't have responded back and would have jus said f it.

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    • yea he did tell me something of those lines
      like he seems kinda tired. Also ill ask more
      questions in person if i do decide to or not. Thanks!! :)

    • I would not waste my time with this person. Time is precious!

  • See him in public. Don't EVER go to his house or anywhere that is going to be just you and him then you will know for sure if you're his side fling while cheating on his girlfriend or if he really just wants to hang out as friends.