Would you have a long distance relationship?

I know that they say the heart will grow fonder, but seriously? I know many people who have been in long distance relationships which lasted for years. I just don't see how talking over the phone or skyping can fulfil ones needs in a relationship? You can hug over the phone, or kiss. Can't share memories that will make you laugh together. Wouldn't it be easier finding someone who can actually be around? I'm not against it. I just don't see how it could possibly work out.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • My boyfriend of 3 years moved to another state for school last week. We're long distance right now and it sucks. I'm not liking it. Last year, I was away at school but was only an hour away and we saw each other a lot (he'd drive up or I'd drive down) and it was hard, but a TON easier than right now.

    Now we're 6 hours apart. If I can get the money, I'm driving to visit him in October. When he helped me move to school (I moved in on Thursday and he moved in on Sunday) he told me if in the first two weeks, it was too hard, he'd drive to see me. I'm bouncing off the walls missing him like crazy. But he's having a blast with his welcome week and meeting new friends and so I don't want to take him away from that for my own selfish reasons.

    Gotta be honest, it's driving me nuts. We practically lived together all summer, he'd be at my house when I'd wake up, and we'd hang out until I'd go to work at night and then he'd come visit me at work :p

    Do I think we can make it work? Absolutely. Do I think it'll be easy and tearless? Nope! Not a chance.

    I'd do a LDR because I am doing one. Am I happy about it? No way. Is it a necessary step right now? Yes.

    I'm secretly considering telling him he NEEDS to drive up and see me next weekend just so I can see him... is that bad? :p

    • Aha I think thats rather cute. It just goes to show how much of an impact his presence has on your life. From personal experience I know that if someone comes back before a month of leaving its harder to say goodbye the second time round. Pull out a few hair and wait a little longer… I'm sure you'll survive xx

    • Yeah... I'm sure I will. Plus, if he comes up here, I have to, like, feed him and stuff haha.

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What Guys Said 2

  • The girl I love has taken off to another state and denied me mostly because of the distance! I think it is best for a long distance relationship because no one would get hurt. At least there'd be hope, and it doesn't always have to be over the phone, you could visit each other.

  • I would have no problem with it, as long as we had a plan in place to get together within a reasonable amount of time.


What Girls Said 3

  • I'm in a temporary long distance relationship, I won't get to see my fiance in the flesh again until my 18th birthday which is when i'll be getting back to WA my grandmother up and decided we where moving to West Lafayette IN where my aunt and uncle live. I've been out here for almost a month and we are still doing wonderful we waited so long to be together we both agreed we could do this, and in the end it's gonna just make us stronger then we where before, yes we miss cuddling, kissing, sex and everything else but we are getting by and will continue to until I get home again back where i belong.

  • I didn't think I would before but I would now.

  • LDR's are what i've gotten used to, it's hard, but its all I know. I was in a 3 yr relationship in which we lived 3hrs away. Then was in a 1yr relationship with a guy 2hrs away. As weird as it sounds, after over 2 years of being broken up with my ex (the one of 3yrs) we are now back together. Yes, we are still long distance for now, possibly will be a 5hr drive come sept/oct, but I can't choose who I love and I would much rather be with him and be long distance than be with anyone else. Yeah not seeing each other is a huge downer but when we are together, its the greatest moments of my life. we won't be long distance forever, marriage is the end goal, but to answer your question, yes, i would absolutely do long distance.

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