What annoys you on first dates?

Main one talking about effin exes like I'm here to know about you not your ex

Secondly been asked more than once ''are you like this to every guy ''

What are yours?


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  • Texting while trying to have a convo.

    Exes in regards to they aren't over them. Now if the person is talking about say the guy that showed up at their house in a bunny suit or strange and silly stories, Im fine with that.

    But when someone goes on and on and on about how this ex or that ex hurt them, and they continuously go on like that, god kill it. There is a difference between uses exes as an example and not being over your ex.

    Girls acting like they would rather be anywhere else but there. Like they are too good to be out. Last time that happened I asked the woman if she had any place else she would like to be, she said no, then I asked why are you acting like you would rather not be here. Maybe its the company you are with. She got quiet and said nothing.

    I have a certain sense of propriety when it comes to interactions with people, and I totally dislike rude people. I was raised to have manners. I expect others to have them as well.


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  • Please for God's sake... put away your fucking cell phone!


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  • Ugh agreed about the exes.

    Also when they ask questions just so that they can answer it as well and talk about themselves.

    Also any sexual talk. Red flags.

  • -Telling me how big your penis is "how is bigger then thr average" dude i don't want to know about that 😒 geez that pisses me off.
    -phones yeah i agree with the people on here, don't have your phone on hand 24/7.

  • When they can't put their phones down long enough to have a conversation with me.
    Or when we run into people they know and they completely exclude me from the conversations during that run in.