Two guys, whom does she like?

Guy 1:
-Always flirts with, teases, picks on
-When she hugs him, she sneakily pecks a kiss on his neck
-Draws love hearts on his leg
-When he talks to her, she grabs both his hands like a couple talking
-Has asked guy 1 out before but in a group setting
-Organised a social event and named guy 1 as her 'couple' to help with the event

Guy 2:
-Smiles shyly at him
-Talks to him like they're comfortable with each other
-Seem friendly with each other but not touchy and no flirting

Bear in mind this is a girl in her mid twenties and she clicks with both guys of similar personalities and hobbies etc.

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  • I'd say the second guy - I'm quite a shy girl and when I genuinely like someone I tend to me a lot more shy and reserved around that person.. if I fancied someone eg the first guy, I'd be over the top flirty because I'd know it didn't mean anything.. but with the second guy for example I'd tend to be shy like that because I ACTUALLY liked him :)


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  • Well, I think you answered your own question there.

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