Is falling in love this hard now? I sometimes just don't get woman sometimes?


I been thinking all my past relationships..

I don't know what it is but all my ex's had never gave me the full attention.. I put them first in my place cause they are someone special to me..

I know i won't get the full 100, I will even be happy at 75%.

my 2nd ex was nothing but an bloody headache.. for example, we were suppose to see each other.. we had already mentioned it earlier in the week... she then pulls an 180.. some lame excuse of this guy's birthday this and that. at that moment, I had it.. how is this guy's birthday more important than me.. I'm the boyfriend here. who is this bloke? on top of that, she has to do things her way every single bloody time.. it really pissed me off.

why is that can always take take take and not reciprocate.. every time we do things, is has to be on her terms..

that night, I told her there was no point of seeing each other anymore.. cause i can't someone so temperamental..

-now my last ex..

we started out great, we had this great chemistry with each other. we really hit it off the bat..

the first few times we started seeing each other, things were fabulous. We pretty much couldn't go on a day without seeing each other. if we didn't, we text, talked with each other. we were pretty much like bee on honey..

she mentioned how other guys have never treated her this way.. opening doors, paying for dinner and etc.. and i told her, you are with me, that's how things are.. she was truly flatter. she was blushing..

after a bit of time, we got serious.. we held hands, cuddle and etc.. we were pretty much going out without a title.. but then one night, i asked her if she saw me more than a friend.. I told her yes, i do.. i would like to put a title to this and make it exclusive. i asked her the same question.. and she felt the same way..

after all that, we haven't talk since.. what is holding her back from moving forward?

ladies, what is it? am i doing something wrong?


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  • Stop rushing things and go at her pace, dont turn into the female she would let you know when she was ready to put a title on things, just act like you don't care, not like you didn't have a good thing going already, what you need a title for anyway? If you like her go talk to her

  • Its hard if you tries for it and it simple if you let it happen.. most of your past relationships were not grounded or rooted , i think u need to focus on building a relationship based on curiosity, excitement and fun..

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