First dinner date outfit?

I'm meeting up with a guy who I've been speaking to for a while for evening dinner at a restaurant. I've worn jeans to meet him for coffee, but I have NO IDEA what to wear to this restaurant.
It's cute & romantic, not too upmarket.. not the type of place I could where a black formal dress too. It's Valentino's if that helps at all? haha

Girls, what would you wear?
Guys, what would you like to see your first date in... trousers & a cute top or a dress?
Is it better to go cute or sexy?


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  • Depends on what's your "plans" after dinner is it.

    If its a kiss good night , drive you home , goodbye , kiss on cheek , go home and do 2 weeks on dishes kinda deal.
    Go cute.

    If its "hot coffee" kinda after credits show.
    Go sexy.

    I lean towards the go classy but not too much idea.

    • inb4 feminist SMASH about unrealistic body proportions , yes.. I know. Her legs looks like twigs. Talking bout what to wear.

    • lol she's hot. Real feminists wouldn't bash another girl just cause she looks good. Those girls are called bitter, jealous, bitches

  • I prefer sexy. Dress or jeans it doesn't matter to me


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