How do guys feel about long distance relationships?

I've been talking to a guy for about two months (mutual friends, but met online). He organised one date, had to reschedule due to illness. Organised a second one, and postponed that one too. I didn't hear from him for a month after that. He posted on Facebook about a fortnight ago that he will be moving to another state in a month's time for his job. A week later, he messaged me at 3am asking if I wanted to have breakfast the next day - I declined as I had prior plans. Today he asked me again to have breakfast this weekend - I agreed.

I guess I have a few questions:
1. Why go an entire month without speaking to me?
2. Why ask me out at 3am when you're under the influence of alcohol?
and 3. Why bother pursuing me if you're moving away?


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  • Make sure to let people know where you are going, and have self-defense spray for the absolute worst case scenario. You don't know the guy at all, it is better to be cautious than sorry.

    • Oh no that's not my concern at all, we are meeting in a cafe anyway. I was more looking for advice about the situation itself.

    • Well if you know what his sickness is or was, that gives more info.

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