I've felt upset all day about what happened last night what should I do?

I'm feeling a bit off with a guy I'm seeing bad he's even said I seem off with him , he kept texting me all day so I told him I felt stupid after this but he said sorry... After texting all night he asked me to tell him what I would do to him if he was there with me right now ( as in sex text ) so I texted what I would do to him , it was very hot !! And I added he can tell me the ending to the sex text , he replied " I'm going to bed to dream about the ending , night night xx". This upset me last night , should I just forget and just see it as something never to do again or tell him?

He initiated it all then cut me off last night


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  • Communication is usually the correct choice of action. And I think this situation is no different. You should talk to him, tell him you want to enjoy sexy texting as much as he does. Tell him you felt totally cut off by his just leaving you high and dry - no pun intended ;) as well as telling him about any other feelings you may have about the situation and why you're feeling that way.

    It's important to get into the habit of communicating w/ your partner b/c without communication, your relationship will suffer. The more you keep silent in situations like these, the most your relationship will be negatively affected.


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