Is he into me? I've been hurt before and I don't wanna go through it again!!?

So I've been dating this guy for 4 months. We are from a different cultural background, so nothing physical before marriage.

we have been on 3 dates for 4 months because of exam and work schedule (soon to be lawyers) and it has been great.

We've talked about the future and that we both want a family as soon as college ends because we both want to settle down.

He laughs at my jokes when we are together and he seems to really enjoy himself. He texts me like half an hour after a date and thanks me for the time etc.

So i've been hurt badly by another guy a year ago, a relationship that I ended and he just disappeared after chasing me for 3 months after the break up, because I didn't want him.

I really wanna give this guy a chance but I can't trust him and everytime he goes out i keep thinking "hes probably lying. Either he's with some other woman or he's just lying and saying his out with work'. I know baad!

He's even told me that he wants a relationship with me and he wants me by his side for the rest of his life, and i want to but what are some of the signs that he's dating others? Maybe that can clear my head a bit.

I have this ability that I detect when someone is lying or deflecting the truth by analyzing behaviour (its not something i do deliberately) which makes the person not thrustworthy? :-s


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  • learn to trust what he's saying. if you can't even believe him and doubt what he says all the time then you clearly haven't built a relationship on the foundation of trust and your relationship will kill itself.


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