How would you view a couple like this?

Never made a poll about it, really... so here it goes:

How would you view a couple of a skinny little short man with a tall big and muscular woman?

I find it very hot and it turns me on.

  • It's very HOOOOOT
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  • It's ok, just like other couples
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  • it's absolutely ridiculous
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  • Sounds cute to me! I kinda like bucking traditional gender expectations. ^ ^


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What Girls Said 4

  • tall big and muscular woman seems really nasty to me.
    I think really fit is ok, but not muscular.

    anyway, its your desire, so it really won't matter what other people think... i don't think anyone will think much about it or care... maybe they will just think your super rich and mysterious or something :)

    some Japanese men date very big russian girls, I have seen this so many times already, and the man seems important or something... thats my impression.

    • yeah nasty that's the word!!! they're not model of course, but they've got sth nasty that turns you on!!!

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    • yeah i've got a fetish and i dislike shorter women... is it bad?

    • no, nothing wrong with that :)

  • It's totally ok, I mean i might think it looked weird depending on HOW muscular and stuff but its still fine lol

    • say sth like Chyna the famous pro-wrestler from WWF

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    • errr google "Chyna WWF" and you'll find out :P

    • um yeah I wouldn't have a problem with who she was dating I just don't like girls who look like that lol

  • its okay.. like other couples

  • haha how does that turn u on? is it the guy or the girl? or how they do it..

    • OF COURSE it turns me on!!! seeing the guy being the "girl", and th girl being the "guy" makes me very horny!!! he has no chance if he's gonna try to wrestle her, she will kick his ass in a couple of seconds!!!

What Guys Said 1

  • I dated a woman who was taking tai knon dow and could carry me around if she wanted. I was nice and she was hot!

    • YESSSSSSSS!!! How much do you weigh?

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    • oh you're not very small at all but still she've been bigger than you lol

    • Yep :) I liked her! (well, obviously...)