What kind of girl do you want to date?

I went on a date with this guy and we ended up having dinner and than went for some drinks, we had some tequilla shots, my idea and than we walked all around town and ended up in a church , it was a random fun date.
He was interested so we went on more dates and he and i began developing feelings, our last date was on Valentine's day where he told me he likes me and it sucked that we couldnt spend time together so much, because he didn't live in my town.

Well after that date he began pulling away and didn't talk to me as much until after a month i had the balls to ask him why he was being that way and he said he want interested in anything serious because he didn't have time for it. He wanted to remain friends because he said im a cool girl.

He has now moved to my town to go to uni and we havnt talked as much, since April where he said happy birthday to me.

I liked him a lot because we had so much fun together and it all came naturally. So should i hit him off or no? i mean if a guy is interested he would contact a girl.

And what kind a girl is a "cool" girl... would you want to date a cool girl? He also told me on our last date that his impression of me was that i was confident, had a fun humour, and i was cute.

But im all stuck thinking am i only cool? thats it?


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  • First off, if he was truly interested, he would find time. Guys will always find time for things they are passionate about. If he does not find time then it means he gets more enjoyment watching sports, or playing games, or drinking, or making pillow forts, or whatever it is he is making time to do. And that means you should move on.

    Regarding 'cool', that can't really be defined in a specific way because what's cool to one guy is not cool to another. Ask Johnny Depp what a cool girl acts like and he will tell you something different than what Bill Gates says. And that will be different than what Zac Efron thinks is cool. For him to call you cool it most likely means that you have some similar interests and that you were able to make plans yourself and just go do something. Wallflower personalities are pretty much never considered cool, regardless of the guy, so you clearly act in a way that has some confidence or determination.

  • I think a sensitive girl that has a kind heart and a sence of humor is the best type of girl... Aperance is last on the list of what makes the perfect girl because its whats inside that counts :)

    • Nice, and for my question , what is a cool girl?

    • a cool girl is all those things... sensitive, has a kind heart and a sence of humor... Thats a cool girl but it does depend on the guy but thats my opinion

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