Only Guys Compliment Me! I'M A GUY! WHY?

This has been seriously pissing me off!

When I was in high school, I acted like a wigger and wore baggy clothes only (that was the style when I was in high school). When I got to college and matured, I changed my whole entire style to something more mature and decided to try cologne.

This is my new style:

Since I started dressing like this, women NEVER compliment or look at me at all. The men I come across tend to compliment me... here are some recent examples:

In Class (my male professor): My God! You look nice today!

At the Bar (frat Boys): WHOA! Dude, you're totally swagged up! Where do you shop at?

In class (another male professor): I see your hand back there Mr. Handsome. Do you have a question?

At Hooters (A guy with his girlfriend): Dude, you look legit. Where do you shop at?

These are the types of compliments I get from guys. The only time I get compliments from women is when I go to the clothing store Guess to shop. Sometimes the females who work there will tell me I look nice (obviously to generate sales)... but that's it.

Does this happen to anyone else?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Enjoy it.
    Plus no offense, sometimes well dressed men get mistaken for homosexuals.

    But, in all seriousness women are used to being complimented on rather than vice versa. Enter fish markets instead of sausage fests instead if you catch my drift. Surround yourself with the ladies.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Guys who dress like you are appreciated more but sometimes the appreciation is quiet. Just because people don't compliment you verbally does not mean they don't like you. I never compliment people but that doesn't mean I don't notice their good qualities.

  • Its nothing bad.. I think the guys you are around have seen you transform from baggy clothes to fitted tailored ones. Reflects who you turned out to be. Guys tell guys that they look good as women do it to other women (nice cap man vs nice heels) i assume the professors do it so the girls in the classroom hear so in a way its like a thumbs up..

  • Are your Professors trying to hit on you? haha

    I'd just take it as a compliment, nothing wrong with looking good.
    Many girls I know would be nervous to say that to a well dressed man, maybe they're all secretly thinking it!


What Guys Said 2

  • The girls probably think you're way too attractive for them thus not saying anything. Unless the guys are gay, they probably ask that because they think it's going to get them women.

  • Lmao this is too funny. Well you should probably worry less about the clothes you wear and worry more about what the clothes are wearing

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