When is it official the two of us are dating?

So there's a girl I like, that lives 30 minutes from my house. We've never met, but I know she is real and not just some pedophile. Over the weeks we've developed feelings for each other, and have been trying to meet first chance we get (she can only meet on weekends and I go to my dad's every other weekend, them stuff comes up other times). We have already talked about some stuff we will do, and the whole thing would probably last about 3 or so hours.
I'm not sure if it would qualify as a date (since we aren't having a nice fancy dinner, it will be during lunch time, and all) or not. And assuming it is a date (or even if it isn't) at what point could I say we were both boyfriend and girlfriend? I mean it doesn't come down to just proposing as bf and gf. And since I'm usually the loner in his room I have like no experience dating at all.

Can anyone help clarify the question ^^^ and possibly give more advice too please?
Thanks :)


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  • With online relationships, before things get too far you should definitely meet. I know that you said you have had problems before getting together but if it is important to you both it will happen. From then on you can really see if you want to pursue a relationship with this person.


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  • before you do anything, you have to meet her. with a person online, their pictures could be real and stuff but their personality could be fake... be careful.


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