Will he be okay if I don't want a relationship?

I like this guy and I'd like for us to be able to go out on dates and be together but I just don't have the time.
Do you think he will be okay with just kind of like a relationship where we're not committed to making plans all the time but we can still hang and kiss and all that?


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  • Honestly, it's risky. There are four categories when it comes to a woman for me: 1) stranger, 2) friend, 3) lover (one night stand), and 4) girlfriend. There is no gray, only black and white. Why? Because it is dangerous to mix them. You guys won't be official, but jealousy could run rampant like a plague down the road if either of you make love to someone else. About a few months ago, a girl and I did not work out. She still wanted to have sex with me, but I refused because we both liked each other a lot and mixing sex will only amplify our feelings. It will lead to only more problems down the road. Now, if you want, you can still meet, but I'd limit it to about once a week to have fun. Make the rules clear from the beginning; like it's okay to date others (if you guys want to), not calling too much, etc. Take things carefully, I understand you're busy, and if you have problems that could become emotional because of the opposite sex, it will mess with your work severely...


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  • As long as you go dutch. Or here's an idea, take turns you drive, he buys, then next time, he drives, you buy. Also, you'll need to work out in unambiguous terms whether you will be exclusive with each other.


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