Not peaking his interest anymore?

A guy I started dating seemed excited and interested in me after three dates and were about to go on a fourth for a movie at his place. I told him that I didn't want to hop into bed with him right away and he clearly expressed he respected that, still wanting a fourth date. We scheduled for a Thursday then he cancelled due to being completely exhausted from work, set up for Friday then I cancelled due to same thing and finally set up for Sunday. He cancelled and said he wouldn't be done with his second job till late and would be back late... I believe him. He trains dog for obedience and attack situations for police and military. When I asked him recently if he had time to get together he said we'd shall see. I replied gotcha have a good night look forward to seeing you again :-) ... no response but he did shoot me a text the next day saying good morning. He doesn't seem as flirty or talkative anymore. Am I being blown off and he's lost interest? Or am I over thinking it and he's just busy. Sorry for long explanation.


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  • Too many hurtles put a very cold shower on his need to movie-cuddle (or more) ... especially the titillating "or more" carrot that time passing & your nippers "no way bedtime" have put mold on a shrinking dream. One of you has to create a new cuddle time idea once one of you recovers from too much work.

    If you are the first to recover, then create a fresh cuddling adventure someplace safe enough that you can freeze the action if going out of control or have a friend come over with a cell call. Even in marriage, work, bills, kids often quell the highest passions, the fire must always be rekindled.


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