What makes guys shy around a girl they like?

I sent a message to a shy guy (I knew him from my m. s.), wanted to catch up see how he's doing, but I'm not getting an answer from him.


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  • Guys get shy when they meet galz face to face
    I'm shy guy
    So I avoid talking girls face to face untill I'm comfortable with them

    But during texting I'm always available for chat
    If he doesn't give a reply prob he is not interested or doesn't like or finding proper reply for your answer or still haven't read tour message.


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  • Its the fear of not being liked back, saying something stupid or acting stupid. Guys that are no use to talking to girls


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  • How is not replying to a message "shy"

    Sounds more like lack of interest, or maybe being too busy to reply back.

    Unless he personally said he is too shy to text you back, I doubt that is the case at all.