Forced really? Is this possible?

Me and this guy have had are ups n downs I ended it but didn't want to but I know he always chases me ( I no immature of me ) and we make up , last night he said he cared for me and he was hurt , we chatted for ages , I asked do you think it's for the best and he said yes !! I was upset because I don't want to end it. Then after chatting and making up he said I forced him to say yes to ending it? And he didn't want to either. Can you really force someone to end things?


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  • Yeah, it seems your wish has been fulfilled. Congrats, and now you regretted it. Next time think thoroughly before you mess your next bf's head. Its not cool.

    • We are bad together now. Yes I was stupid :(

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    • Yes and you will confuse your bf, that can lead him to depression because it is so sudden.

      Before you force to end things, you must think thoroughly, dont just simply force and break up. Its very immature.

    • Yes you are right ! I have been so stupid , and thank you for your advice

  • That's mean what you are doing to him. I feel sorry for him, no person should ever take the other for granted. Poor guy sounds like he really cares about you too!


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