How do I make him realize I'm completely faithful and want only him?

My bf and I have been dating for 8 months. He's 18 years older than me.. and i couldn't ask for a better man to have in mine and my sons life. The beginning was amazing.. ab four months into it.. i was lucky to receive one text from him during the day. I brought it his attention that I didn't have his attention an it was very obvious someone else did. Ab three weeks ago he started texting me multiple times a day. If I was short or didn't text he will ask what's wrong. He accuses me of talkin to some one.. Which he didn't when he was on the shady shit he was on.. Guys I need some advice from a mans point of view what I need to do to convince I have been and will continue to be 100%faithful to him


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  • The big problem here, to me, is that this kind of sounds like a guilty conscious. A guy who is lying will see lies everywhere.

    You need to tell him, with confidence, that you are 100% faithful, that you swear it, and that there isn't anything else you can do to 'prove' it. He either believes you or he doesn't. And if he doesn't, then ask him what have you done to earn this distrust.

    He deserves your honesty. Likewise, you deserve his trust. If he doesn't trust you, then either he has some pretty big issues he needs to work through or he is doing something himself that he is guilty about that is making him project his guilt onto you.


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  • I would try to give yourself totally to him. Tell him he can have you in any way he wants sexual so you show him you are his. But you must be prepared to do it and smile. Men are insecure to we just don't like to show it.


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  • You shouldn't try to hard. If he doesn't see now how faithful you are, than I dont think he ever will. Maybe its the age thing. Maybe he feels that you're young and a lot of guys your age are coming after you. This would mean he's very insecure. There aren't too many ways to help someone who's often insecure. :( Sorry ):

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