Crush suddenly seems to ignore me?

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So I am in a bit of an issue with a friend of mine. There is this girl that I have known for 5 years now but I just recently started having feelings for her. We could always get along well and a year ago we used to talk for like an hour a day. Nine months ago we began speaking each other less and less. She used to have feelings for me from the moment we met, but I was not into her at that time. Since half a year ago I met some of her close friends who told me that they had heard a lot about me from her and that she still likes me. I started having feelings for her too. So past June when I spoke to her at a party we ended up kissing each other and that was the point where I thought that I wanted to be more than her friend. After I texted her the next day she responded way different than she used to, and she continued to do this up until now. I´m not sure if she is ignoring me or is she is playing hard to get. I´m not sure how she feels about us and I most certainly dont want to lose her as a friend. Can anyone help me out on this?


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  • One of the key things I know about most girls is that we obviously want to be loved. I know from experience that sometimes a text isn't enough. We long for that moment in love movies when the boy confesses his love to the girl. My suggestion is tell her. Get her alone and tell her WHY you like her. Name the things that you enjoy about her; could be physical features, personality, or her laugh. Girls want to be treated different and we like gentleman. One thing that I've personally always dreamed about is a guy reading a letter of why he likes me. She will love it! Good luck.

    • I´m seriously considering doing that right now, but I´m not sure what her reaction would be. Since she is a very shy girl she has never shown her feelings for me personally. By her reaction to all my texts I´m thinking she doesn´t feel anything for me, but there is not one thing that has happened in between that could have caused her to shift from having a crush on me, to not even like me as a friend anymore

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  • "she responded way different than she used to" like what? certainly she felt werid since u kissed while u were not clearly in a relationship, that means she obviously has realized that u r no longer simply friends now and does not know how to face it yet. thats not a bad sign actually. give her time and dont give up like some dumbass i used to know!!!

    • Before she used to reply to everything I said and she talked back to me at the time. But now it is just me who keeps the conversation going. I´m having a hard time doing that on my own, so after a couple of minutes she just doesn´t reply anymore

  • It's a confusing situation. You kissed her on the lips and she didn't give you a reaction?

    • We had a french kiss in the beginning of the summer. After the kiss she said she needed to go to the bathroom, possibly indicating that she didn´t know how to react afterwards.

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