My stepdad is trying to replace my dad. What should I do?

Alright... here is the deal...

My dad walked out on my mom and I nearly 10 years ago. For the most part, my mom and I have had a great relationship. She and I are almost like best friends. About three years ago, she married this guy (now my step dad) and I pretty much HATE him. Its like he thinks he's my father and I really really don't like it. He tries to set all these rules that I have to follow, and he is really controlling over certain aspects of my life. For example... he tried giving me a cerfew of 9:00. Well, yesterday I was out with a few friends and I came in about an hour late. And to be honest... I didn't really care that I broke my cerfew.I walked in around 10:20 and he started flipping out. Finally... I had enough of his silly nonsense so I told him to "get out of my life... and f***off ". All the while, my mom took HIS SIDE!

By the way... this is just one example of many things that have gone on between the two of us. It seems like as I get older and older he becomes more and more strict.

Why is he being like this?

What should I do now?

please, help me out here.

Forgot to mention... he also took it upon himself to ground me for a week. Good Lord I hate him.


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  • I think he is just trying to be a father figure for you. I don't personally know him, but I think he is trying to do a good thing. He's probably trying to be the dad that was never there for you and he's trying to show you that he cares about you and what happens to you. It seems that he cares about you other wise he wouldn't have cared what time you came home. Just have a talk with him. Tell him how you feel and see what he says. Don't take this the wrong way or anything , but he seems to be more of a dad to you then your biological dad was to you. If your dad had stayed around he probably would have grounded you too. Also if you don't like your curfew and you want it changed coming home late is not going to help.


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  • I hope you realize that you would have these EXACT same issues with your real father. So, really, you're just using the fact that he's not your natural father to complain about something that happens to everyone.

    As for the 9:00 curfew, I'll admit that that's a bit unfair. But if you sit don with your step dad and just talk to him about it, I guarantee that you could get your curfew extended. You just can't be a jerk to him, otherwise he'll just keep slapping you with more restrictions and groundings.


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  • i would ignore him o are avoid him if I don't want to hang otu with him anymore adn once you move out , you won't have to deal with him anymore.

    if you choose not to accept him, there's nothing really he can do.

  • just say "you aren't my dad, you came into MY life. if you want us to have a relationshp of any sort, your lecturing is going to stop now. "

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