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So Guys (even Girls) I've wondered if there is a good way to tell if a guy (or even girl) you like is available/single or if they even have a love interest. I don't want to pressure or put someone in an an awkward position or even me in an awkward position. I'll admit, I don't have a lot of experience. Please and thank you :)


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  • I'm with anonymous on this one. You'll probably have to ask around. Someone he knows obviously. The closer the better. But, just be aware it will likely get back to him that you're inquiring which in my opinion is perfect because it's the intended result. You want him to know you're interested, without actually asking him directly. Yeah, some might say it's a little high-schoolish, but people of all ages employ this method believe it or not.

    Now if you want, you could just ask him. But in a creative way. You know, "So what unlucky hearts are you out there breakin'?" He might respond with, " What do you mean?" Then you say something like, "You know, what girls are you tormenting, who's in your life right now?" He'll either say, "No one," which is great, or he'll say something like, "Oh, my girlfriend she blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah," who cares. If he has a girl, you can always lie and say yeah my boyfriend does this blah blah blah... I'm just trying to offer some alternatives to not knowing in a way that you can save face.

    Or you could just straight up ask him, "Are you seeing anybody?" - That really puts it out there though. But if a girl asked me this I would be stoked. Even if I wasn't available, I'd just tell her, and casually take the convo somewhere else. I mean I'll know why she asked, but it's bold and I can appreciate that.

    • I think you posted on the wrong question dude :)

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    • Crap. I'm so sorry. I was the one that needed the rephrasing. Not like you's wasn't clear, I just read it and assumed. Sorry. I read it now and thank you. I know that's a bit late but I am sorry. Anyway, thank you again, it actually isn't too bad. I like your ideas. Again sorry.

    • *your's

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  • Unless they offer the information, you don't really.
    You can do some background research and ask around.

    • Thank you for answering :)

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