What makes a girl a perfect "10" to you in looks and personality?

I know some of us are "vagina" men while the less experienced ones are "boob" or "ass" men but just curious to here you describe to a "tee" what is a perfect "10" in your mind!
Some categories can be:


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  • Hair - Long, preferably blonde
    Face - Not one which have more chins than Hong kongs phonebook
    style? Wtf
    Body - Big boobs, ass, slim waist, long legs
    Hobbies - fucking with me lol
    Personality - Idc. Not, too picky

    • LOL, not too picky on personality. So she could be dumb as a bag of rocks and still be a "10"?

    • Ofcourse bro ha Who care

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  • Wow. This really makes me appreciate my boyfriend for putting up with all of my flaws.

    • Lol... good, Imma do guy one these things to.

    • Perfect "10s" have flaws as well, flawless men and women don't exist, I've never seen one in person.

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  • She has to be faithful and honest with me. A little mind games can be good too. I want her to be completely honest with me, and I know being too honest can be boring, but I doubt that. I also want her to be independent, caring strong and fluent. Not afraid to share her opinions with others.

    Hair - Long or Short (depends)
    Face - Dont Care
    Style - Simple but I want her to be fashionable when it is necessary, its up to her
    Body - doesn't matter
    Hobbies - Video Games, Gym, Cosplaying
    Personality - Like how I said above^

  • I like long hair. I like Asian girls' faces more. I like the casual style with occasionally adding some subtle sexiness. Personally, I prefer thicker girls. There's so much to grab and hold on to. But I can still appreciate a thinner girl, as long as they're not too thin. I don't care what she's into as long as she shares it with me and I share mine with her. She can't be a female dog.

  • Hair - Long
    Face - not a face person, but no bloches or scars
    Style - Fashion is for dopes, but provided she was neat I wouldn't care.
    Body - Curvy, but proportioned. Larger boobs, D/E
    Hobbies - Liked intellectual and pop-culture based stuff
    Personality - Curious, light-hearted, active, resolute, confident.

  • Hair: I like Brunets and blonds
    Eyes: Blue, Brown, or Green
    Face: it dosn't matter
    Style: Clean
    Body: Fit or cares for herself
    Hobbies: Reading or working out
    Personality: kind, funny

    • Face doesn't matter?
      Seriously Lol
      I agree with everything else but her face doesn't matter, really?

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    • I would want a Jennifer Laurance or a Sandra Bullock Face then :)

    • Haha... I hear ya.