My first date?

Thanks for looking. I'll keep this short. I'm 16, I consider myself a good looking guy, about to get my license and school is coming up. I think now is a good time for me to start dating. What I want from you are tips on a date. Are there unspoken rules I need to know? What are good conversation topics? I just want the overall package of what I should know.


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  • never be late. always offer to pay. mind your manners. hold doors, pull out chairs. ask her about school, family, friends, movies...pretty much anything. respect her space - don't go touching her lower back and stuff like that til later. I hate when guys get touchy on the first date (unless we knew each other for a bit before).

    umm...never assume you're getting a kiss on the first date. kiss her hand goodbye... that's a sweet gesture that shows your interested, but not overbearing.

  • Um, well don't just talk about you(Also try not to just sit there and listen to every detail about her life either, remember that you want to talk about yourselves evenly, and about other things too). Try not to be really awkward and don't be cocky. Give her a nice compliment or two and do not get too touchy-feely. But really just do whatever feels right, if she's the type of girl for you then it'll work out. =]


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