What are some hints through texting a girl wants you to ask them out?

Girls what do you usually try to do through texting to give a hint to a guy you want them to ask you out or let them know you like them withouy being to obvious?


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  • I usually keep trying to get him to hang out with me or my friends and I, I ask him something a little too personal and he lets me know he doesn't really want to talk about it I apologize repeatedly and act really embarrassed (because I am) like what is she texting you?

    • well she asks a lot about my personal life i feel like she is no longer interested though but i REALLY like her and am honestly too much of a bitch to ask her out

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    • pretty personal stuff like about my parents and all that she even asked one night to tell me about yourself

    • Ok text her and ask how she would describe you, or ask her on a scale of one to ten one being she hates you five being she sees you as a good friend and ten being she loves you. Good luck and tell me how it goes :)

  • "im not doing anything today"
    "i wish I had something to do today"


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